Trust-related user data is fragmented and kept inside walled gardens (e.g. credit bureaus, banks, insurers, p2p marketplaces, landlords), hence often missing where it would deliver a win-win for the user and the platform. So, we started with making user ratings portable across sharing economy platforms.

We weren’t the first at that attempt and we knew why our would-be competitors either pivoted or went bust. Users on sharing economy platforms aren’t identified. How would one know that account A on platform X belongs to the same person as account B on platform Y? One might try to identify all people on the planet and force them to use a standard issue ‘Big Brother’ ID. Some folks are still trying to do that but we thought that there must be a better idea.

We decided to start from a clean slate and thought what people would want in terms of their trust related data ownership and portability. And we came up with four principles, each of them being counterintuitive and running against the current mainstream/clone thinking. We developed a set of ‘bijection verification’ algorithms, which work without identifying the user. It has taken an interdisciplinary approach combining mathematics’ set theory, cyber security’s authentication methods and Plato’s philosophy.

Currently we’re developing the most promising line of the user data portability business – unlocking sharing economy’s user data for insurers. However, our vision of trust-related data ownership and portability is much wider than our business endeavours. In particular, we correctly predicted Facebook’s problems in our public talks back in 2017. We collaborate with academia and conduct exploratory seminars for VCs.

FT Banking Summit (London)

Meet the Team

We are passionate about trust-related data ownership and portability

Kirill Slavin

Founder and CEO

25 years’ experience in strategy and finance, most recently as MD at Kaspersky Lab, previously holding senior positions at Wang Labs, PepsiCo, Deloitte and DiamondCluster International.

PCR Brit List 2015: UK's top 50 tech execs.

Lana Holmen

Founder and CPO

15 years of managing multimillion MIS projects in banking and life assurance sectors.

PRINCE2 certified by the British Computer Society.

Next Steps...

If your line of work involves members acquistion for a sharing economy platform please do get in touch.  We might be able to assist with a "quality jolt" for your newly acquired members and make your members acquisition via your usual channels a tad more effective.